About My Practice

Victoria Palmisano, LMT has been practicing massage for over 11 years. It is her unique blend of knowledge, experience, and technique that holds her style of massage above the rest.  

She is passionate about helping people relieve “unexplained pain,” as well as realigning the body through her own style of hands on therapy. Posture correction is incorporated with any style of massage that she is performing, whether it be sports, pre/post surgery, deep tissue, etc. Victoria has always had a combined interest and sense of intuition for the art of massage since a very young age.

Victoria mostly worked part time as a successful therapist (spa settings and home visits) until her passion to become a full time therapist and business owner became a reality in April of 2018.  The high demand of Victoria’s work, along with the support of her family, friends, and long-time clients inspired her make the decision to open BodySculpt Massage Clinic (formerly BodySculpt by Victoria).  She left her full time office job to venture out on her own. 

Victoria's passion to help make sense of each of her client's individual pain is a comfort for thos who struggle with muscular discomfort. Her technique assists in what she calls "reversing muscle memory", which retrains the body to revert back to a more healthy, youthful state.  It is also a priority of hers to help her clients understand their chronic and/or "unexplained" pain while helping to diminish it and bring their bodies back to their natural pain-free state . Her hands-on work speaks for itself,  IN VOLUMES!